When Is a Good Time to Trim Tree Branches?

When is a good time to trim tree branches for the best results? According to Orlando’s tree trimming experts, it is not only the season that matters when prioritizing your tree’s health.

Below, Tree Doctors of America discusses the right time for trimming your tree and other ways to ensure its growth, longevity, and beauty.

When Should I Prune My Trees?

Many trees do well with pruning during late fall or winter. However, each tree is unique enough to benefit from individual care from a professional arborist. If you aren’t sure, why not schedule a tree assessment?

Typically, professionals prune during the dormant season—here is why:

  • Decreased sap production. Tree growth slows with slower sap movement during colder weather to preserve nutrients. Cutting dead or dying branches during this time helps redirect the tree’s stored energy without weeping sap or attracting pests.
  • Less risk of pest and disease infestations. Insects become less active during winter. Without them moving in, the tree has enough time to heal.
  • No flowers or fruit. Fruiting, blooming, and growing require massive amounts of energy. Forcing the tree to heal a pruning cut directly counteracts new growth. Pruning in winter ensures the healing process won’t steal energy from blooms during spring or summer.

Tips for Proper Tree Pruning

When is a good time to trim tree branches? Unless it is an emergency, consider trimming your tree branches a few weeks before Florida’s growing season.

New trees are different. Experts recommend waiting at least two years for a tree’s first pruning, except for broken or damaged limbs. Doing so allows the young tree to focus on its root growth. 

However, eventually, all trees require a helping hand. Before you start pruning, check out the following tips to help you get it right:

  • Be precise. Cut at an angle and after the branch collar to promote proper regrowth without sacrificing nutrients.
  • Note the species. What kind of tree is it? For example, oaks require pruning in winter to avoid oak wilt. Pests introduce this disease through fresh cuts.
  • Focus on deciduous trees. Evergreen trees require very little pruning and should always rely on professional pruning services.

Exceptions to the Winter Pruning Rule

Winter pruning has two major exceptions, including the following:

  • Avoid trees that flower in early spring. They will lose buds if pruned too early. 
  • Some trees do better with pruning after their blooming season is over.

If the tree is not for flowers or fruit, trim it in early spring. This timing promotes lush leaf growth and redirects its energy away from fruiting.

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