Five Signs a Tree Needs to Be Removed

Property owners with trees in their landscaping appreciate the gorgeous leaves and shade, but may not know how to recognize when they have tree trouble. Whether the tree suffers from root rot or the neighbors have a problem with it, the signs a tree needs to be removed come in many forms. Learn how to know when you need to remove a tree with this short guide from Orlando’s professional tree removal company.

signs a tree needs to be removed

How Do I Know I Need to Remove a Tree?

Many homeowners have a feeling that something’s wrong with a tree before they know that they need to remove it. Maybe you’ve noticed falling branches, or worry about how a tree’s leaning might affect its structural integrity. Calling in professional arborists to perform a tree risk assessment can help you determine the cause of your tree’s problems and figure out whether or not you need to remove it.

Some of the most common signs that a tree needs removal include:

1. Visible Decay, Disease, or Damage

Tree damage resulting from storms, construction accidents, or other incidents may limit your tree’s ability to recover, causing it to need complete removal before it dies and rots. Disease and decay can cause these problems as well, though they show less obvious signs a tree needs to be removed. Some symptoms of disease or decay that could lead to a dead tree include:

  • A new lean
  • Hollow interior
  • Dead branches
  • Newly visible roots
  • Wilting or discolored leaves
  • No new growth in the spring

2. Public Safety Danger

Some trees exhibit a clear danger to public safety. For example, if your tree leans against power lines or grows so thickly that it obstructs the road for drivers, you need to address the situation. When you can’t fix the problem with trimming and pruning, you may need to consider full removal.

3. Hazardous Location

Trees that grow too close to your home can cause all sorts of structural damage. Dropping branches and other natural debris on the top of your home can damage your roof. Other hazardous trees may have a natural lean to them that could prove dangerous during a storm.

If your tree poses a clear danger to your home or personal belongings, you might have to cut it down.

4. Stunted Plant Growth

Trees that grow too thickly can inhibit other plant growth, causing dead patches in your yard or killing other trees. Cutting down the more parasitic tree can allow other parts of your landscape to thrive.

5. Angry Neighbors

Some trees can cause problems with neighbors by dropping branches on their lawn or growing roots into their yard. If a tree causes too many problems with your neighbor, it’s best to cut the tree down if you feel that you might have to deal with legal problems down the road.

Remove Problematic Trees With Orlando’s Top Tree Service

Whether you see signs a tree needs to be removed or need emergency tree services, contact your local professional arborists at Tree Doctors of America in Orlando, FL, at (386) 463-4975

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