Will a Dead Tree Fall Over? What You Should Know

Trees are a symbol of strength and growth. When a tree is healthy, it provides shade from the sun and adds to the beauty of the landscape. When a tree dies, it becomes a safety hazard. Will a dead tree fall over? If you neglect proper tree removal, it will, and it may cause property damage.

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The moment a sick tree dies, it begins to decay. As time passes, water surrounding the roots causes root rot and eventually, the tree falls. When a dead tree falls, it could damage your home, fence, or even injure a family member. 

When a tree falls on its own, there is no way to determine which direction it might fall. A professional service will remove the tree in a controlled manner to avoid damaging your property. 

Identifying a Dead Tree

In winter months, deciduous trees lose their leaves and may appear dead. The last thing you want is to call a professional tree removal service for a tree that is still alive. 

To check for signs of life, break a small branch off the tree. If the tree is alive, the branch will bend before breaking. If the tree is dead, the branch will feel dry and brittle. 

A live branch will have moisture and green color inside. A dead branch will appear dehydrated and brown throughout. 

Additional Damage Caused By a Dead Tree

You may think professional tree removal is costly. If left in place, a dead tree could result in costly expenses in the future. Removing it now may be cheaper than waiting until it causes further harm. 


Will a dead tree fall over? The local animals hope so. There are tons of insects that love feasting on wood. You may not mind a termite infestation in one dead tree, but they can quickly move on to other trees or even your home. 

Rodents may make a home inside a dead tree. When they go out to find food and water, they will eventually find their way inside your home, creating other costly problems. Your home may seem more appealing to the rodent population and before you know it, you will have an infestation inside your home.

Spread of Disease

If a tree dies from a disease, the surrounding trees may be in danger. Leaving a diseased tree to decompose puts all the nearby trees and plants at risk of falling ill as well. A mold infestation on the dead tree can spread throughout the property and end up destroying the landscape. 

Professional Tree Service in Orlando

Will a dead tree fall over? It will, and it could be costly. Don’t wait until there is visible decay on a dead tree.

Before removing a tree, you need a tree removal permit in Orlando. Tree Doctors of America in Orlando, FL can walk you through the permit and removal process. Call 386-463-4975 for a free estimate. 

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