When Is a Permit for Tree Removal Required in Orlando, FL?

A permit for tree removal ensures the protection of the environment and the health and safety of the native species in Florida. The team at Tree Doctors of America provides Orlando’s tree removal services to help homeowners follow proper procedures and prevent dangers to themselves, their property, and Florida’s wildlife.

Not every tree requires a permit, and our team is here to help you navigate your needs and legal responsibilities. Continue reading to see when you need a permit and when you can go without.

Determining Your Tree Removal Requirements

Always request help from our team before determining your needs. We can help you through the process and ensure you stay compliant. You can go down to the local government office, request help, and fill out the necessary paperwork.

To remove a tree, you’ll need paperwork from a certified arborist explaining how this tree is dangerous, dying, or improperly placed. You need an arborist’s inspection regardless of your permit requirements.

Signs You Need a Permit

Endangered tree species, trees without an inspection, and any tree on commercial or government land require a permit.

An arborist can determine the tree’s health. You must request permission if the tree is healthy, structurally intact, and not in the way of lights, signs, or buildings.

To apply for a permit, you can follow these steps:

  • Submit the associated fees and fill out a permit request
  • Mark the specified tree
  • Wait for an inspection, around three business days

If approved, you’ll receive your permit and will be responsible for the safe removal of the tree. Following these steps can help you get your permit for tree removal as quickly as possible.

Signs You Do Not Need a Permit

Not every tree removal requires a permit. Dangerous trees, storm-damaged trees, and dead trees do not require permission. However, to determine the tree’s state, you still need help from a certified arborist or tree company.

Depending on the specific tree, you may need to plant a tree in its place. Keep this in mind for construction and renovation purposes.

Since there is no specific definition of a dangerous tree, it’s wise to request help from our professionals. However, some signs your tree is harmful are as follows:

  • Too close to a building or power lines
  • Obvious damage from high winds or storms
  • A tree falling in any direction
  • Hanging, broken branches
  • Structurally weak
  • Hallow trees or significant signs of death or disease

Fallen tree removal does not require a permit due to the apparent state of the tree.

Contact Tree Doctors of America

Contact our team if you need help with your unhealthy tree or require emergency tree services.  We can help you inspect the tree and decide whether it requires removal. Most Florida homeowners love their trees and want to remove them only for health and safety reasons.

If you need a permit for tree removal or need help with the process, contact us at Tree Doctors of America at (386) 463-4975 and request a consultation in Orlando, FL.

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