Tree Pruning Techniques Used by Pros

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, it’s handy to know pruning techniques to maintain the health of your trees. Professional arborists can remove any dangerous branches, but you can handle basic pruning on your own.

Tree Doctors of America are the tree trimming experts in Orlando, FL. We can teach you the difference between trimming and pruning, and when to do each.

Pruning Basics

Proper pruning occurs during a tree’s dormant season. If a branch poses a danger, the safest option is to prune it before it damages a person or personal property. Otherwise, wait until the tree is dormant for pruning. 

Basic pruning quickly escalates out of hand. Pruning dead branches is oddly satisfying, but taking away too much will ruin the natural shape of the tree. 

When it comes to pruning, less is more. You can always go back and prune more later.  

A Simple Approach to Pruning

Pruning won’t be successful if you go at it without a little know-how. Irresponsible pruning can end up killing a tree. Here are some common pruning techniques:

Cultivating the Canopy

This type of pruning is great for growing shade trees. Removing the lower branches makes a tree grow upward, creating a large canopy and leaving space at the bottom to relax in the shade.

When pruning to form a canopy, don’t remove any branches on the upper two thirds of the tree. Over-pruning will not give a healthy canopy, but will instead prevent the tree from developing a sturdy trunk.

Flat Pruning

Trees that grow against a house need a special type of pruning called espalier. If it grows too big, it could damage your home. Flat pruning involves trimming lateral branches and training a tree to grow up instead of out.

Crown Thinning

This method thins out the top of dense trees to allow the inner areas to get sun exposure. Always start crown thinning from the bottom and work your way up. Going the opposite way could end up taking too much off the tree. 

Look for branches that compete for space and crowd each other. These are good branches to prune. As you go, pay attention to the vertical spacing of the branches, keeping them as even as possible. 

Park View Pruning

Also known as vista pruning, park view pruning prevents rogue branches from obstructing your view of the surrounding landscape. Vista pruning is popular method for public recreational spaces.

Look for branches that block the view. Follow the branch to where it connects to a limb, and prune it from there. Always prune as little as possible to avoid damaging the tree. 

Service from Local Arborists

Pruning techniques can improve the aesthetic look of your trees, but that’s not all. There are many benefits of pruning trees if you know the basics. 

If you would rather invest in professional service, Tree Doctors of America in Orlando, FL, offer expert service. Call us at 386-463-4975 for a free estimate.

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